The Secrets of the Great Pyramid

Author Howard West provides an impressive amount of evidence that goes beyond today’s simple understanding of Mythology of ancient Egypt. Offering a whirlwind trip into the past to reveal science with in Myths of Great Pyramid of Giza. Modern rationalist believe in using Occam ‘s Razor: “the shaving of a narrative into its simplest terms.”Nevertheless, Howard West’s,Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets:proves that the stories of the Riddle Lords of the Ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in simple terms for their enemies and the common folk, the other locked away; treasure hidden for their heirs. Therefore, the Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids stories today are thought to be, easily understood narratives to entertain the childlike.The Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt have always baffled the Haughty: However, the haughty hold themselves to be the Gatekeepers of Wisdom. These gatekeepers, therefore, have relegated those stories of the Riddle Lords of ancient Egypt and Egypt pyramids to the status of fairy tales: stories such as of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The same was true about Homer’s works, and his great poems that described a civilization of chariots, fleets of ships, warriors, and palaces, which once flourished on the Greek mainland. For years the Haughty of the Scholarly World had discounted Homer’s story of the expedition to Troy; all these stories have thought to have been colossal and compelling pieces of fictions, on the same lines as today’s writers of fiction as Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, and Ann Rice.
Even so, the Wise knew perfectly well that those story form riddles, myths and legends of ancient Egypt contained deeper meanings. Aristotle (in his Metaphysics, x. 8) admits, with regard to those story form riddles hidden with in mythology, that “much Wisdom had been lost”, and much “added after the mythical style,” while some knowledge, “may have been preserved to our times as the remains of ancient wisdom.” Polybius a Greek historian of the Mediterranean, and world famous for his book called. “The Histories”; in which he covered in detail the period of 220-146 BC; he also confesses, changes in those riddles hidden with in myths and legends were recognized as a “necessary means to (the Gatekeepers) political ends.” Michael Neander (1529-1581) a German astronomer says that the connections between the constellations of the night sky and the ancient legends and riddles were “the fragments of a tradition, which transmitted the knowledge of divine things possessed in the earliest times.” The Myths of ancient Egypt and of Great Pyramid of Giza have now become reality as complex as Minotaur’s Labyrinth. These discoveries present the students of history with a maze of literary and archeological connections that as of yet has no path that satisfies everyone. Think of this book as a ball of thread similar to the ball thread that Ariadne gave Theseus, a ball thread that lead Theseus out of the darkness of Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

The videos below use a computer generated voice because she does a better job with the materials than Howard West. Therefore, if that is your only complaint? A hard cover of this material is available: that way you can hear the information read to you in a voice that is more to your liking.

The City of the Horizon of Aten

 This city contained a technology of ancient Egypt and Great Pyramid of Giza and how was the pyramid built

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt’s History

The account of Masoudi ( 957 of the Christian era.), in the Arabic manuscript of Akbar-Ezzeman, at Oxford, states that: “Surid…. One of the kings of Egypt before the Flood Building of the TWO great pyramids.” 

Used tools that carves stone faster than any modern high temper steel hammer and chisel.

“What will be the signs of the Mahdi 12th Imam’s coming”, Well here is your answer.
Egypt’s Flood Dragon Prophecy

The Samson Option is the final solution to the problems of the Middle East


About Howard West

Bio Howard West author of Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords' Secrets Howard West is what people use to call a Hermit. Some of his acquaintances think he is an Alchemist in the traditional sense. However it is old books in their original ancient languages that occupy his time in his simple life of retirement. High in the wind swept mountains of central Nevada; Howard West has the time to dissect ancient documents written in Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Cuneiform to their deeper meanings. While high above the air craft from Groom Lake do their acrobatics, however, West has been forced to come out of retirement to try to convince a Cynical World that there is Wisdom that lay hidden in the Past hidden within what Ratio-Nihilist call “Myths.” West has had a varied career from programming computers to being a horse back interpretive tour guide in Death Valley, to free lance writing for magazines: Rock&Gem, Western Horseman, NEVADA, Golf Digest,Gold Prospector and others. With articles on various subjects as Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site, and its nemeses Boiling Rock, zeolites deposit: to the Marine Corp Mule Packing School at the Pickle Mountain War Fare Training Center, high in the mountain of California. Then there are his adventures while traveling 6,000 miles at two miles per hour with his wife behind six little BLM burros across the south west: Ebook Last Grand Adventure. Link to amazon Howard-West hard cover book Locked-Gates ,The Riddle lords Secrets proves Extraterrestrial Connections to the enigma of“an Altar to the Lord, In the midst of the Land of Egypt”, the Great Pyramid, however,t hat help was not through High Tech means. Locked-Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets is not based on Fringe Researcher assumptions or the Scholarly World's historical traditions. Therefore, you will need to “take a deep seat”: because, Howard-West's book will take you on a whirlwind trip to places you have never considered going. However, with your help this book will become a nemesis to all traditionalist scholars who disregard inconvenient facts about Mankind's Riddled past.
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